Chapter Overview

Chapter Overview

Founded in 1918 as the Milwaukee Association of Purchasing Agents, ISM—Milwaukee’s membership base includes hundreds of supply management professionals representing over 200 manufacturing and service businesses and government agencies from the greater Milwaukee area.

We are the largest supply management association in Wisconsin and are steadfastly committed to the promotion of the profession and the expansion of our members’ professional skills, leadership and knowledge through professional development classes and seminars on supply management topics.

We also offer networking opportunities for our members to help build their abilities through contact with their peers.

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About ISM

The Institute for Supply Management is a not-for-profit association that provides opportunities for the promotion of the supply management profession and the expansion of professional skills and knowledge.

Founded in 1915, ISM is the largest and most respected supply management association in the world. ISM's mission is to lead the supply management profession by means of its standards of excellence, research, promotional activities, and education.

The ISM membership base includes more than 40,000 supply management professionals, as well as a network of domestic and international affiliated associations.

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